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I'm Birdie Willis! 

I'm a queer, non-binary creator who has been writing comics for years with my wife!

I've been asked to speak multiple panels, including one on Queer History at San Diego Comic Con.

My wife and I have been invited guests to conventions like WWU Queer Con, Flame Con, Havencon, and Otakuthon, and have been featured guests at the table of PRISM during San Diego Comic Con for multiple years in a row.

If the Shoe Fits, a graphic novel published by myself and my wife has won the 2015 SPACE prize.

I've run multiple successful Kickstarters and have written multiple articles for Women Write About Comics.

As of recent I have been hired by BOOM! Studios to write a 5 issue-miniseries of Over the Garden Wall, and have several more officially published works to be announced.

Mostly, though, I'm just a person who really loves to write, loves my wife and cats, and loves to travel. 

And I may or may not secretly be 20 stressed quails in a trenchcoat.

stressedquail copy.jpg
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